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The GSR “…may be the most important job in AA. By choosing its most qualified man or woman as GSR, a group helps secure its own future – and the future of AA as a whole.” -Bill W.

The General Service Representative has the job of linking his or her group with AA as a whole. The GSR represents the group at the district and area levels, bringing the groups’ thought, news and problems to the District committee member and to the Delegate, who then passes them on to the conference. In return, the GSR brings back to the group the information and remedies that affect AA-unity, health, and growth. To the extent that a GSR keeps the group informed, then expresses the group conscience, only then can the Conference be assured it is acting for AA as a whole.

General Service Representatives (G.S.R.s) are elected by the groups in the District 17.

Qualifications of a G.S.R. are a reasonable period of sobriety, usually two years, and the time, energy and ability to serve.

General Responsibilities

  • -Serves as the mail contact with G.S.O., District and Area 14.
  • -Supplies the D.C.M. with updated group information and advises of group problems as may be appropriate.
  • -Should be knowledgeable about the materials available from the G.S.O., such as new publications and other media, and is responsible for passing such information on to the groups.
  • -Should be knowledgeable about the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts and familiar with the A.A. Service Manual, the books Twelve Steps and
  • Twelve Traditions, A.A. Comes of Age, Twelve Concepts for World Service, and the 5 pamphlets The A.A. Group, A.A. Tradition-How it Developed, The Twelve Traditions Illustrated and The Twelve Concepts
  • -Often serves on District Committees.
  • -Works with their home group’s other officers or steering committee.
  • -Encourages the groups to financially support G.S.O., Area 14, District 17 and the Marion County Central Office (Intergroup).
  • -Should attend and participate in all District meetings and is encouraged to attend Area Assemblies.
  • -Is encouraged to participate in the planning of and to attend events sponsored by the District or Marion County Central Office (Intergroup).
  • -Gives a report to their group on District and Area meetings and events.
  • -Makes copies of the minutes of the District meetings available to home group members.
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